Used HDD

Used  HDD

Used HDD equipment by Vermeer, American Auger, Ditch Witch, Tri Flo, Tulsa, Vac-Tron, Ring -O- Matic and more. Directional Drilling Brokers has access to new and used HDD equipment.

Most Wedsite show photos of used HDD equipment for sale, the problem that occurs most of the time  is that new or used directional drilling equipment is sold or no longer available.

Ditchwitch jt4020 mach1

Buying used HDD equipment is not a game Stop playing the typical game, lets get down to business, tell us what you need and we will get you that new or used  directional drilling equipment by leading manufacturers including Vermeer, American Auger, Ditch Witch, Tri Flo, Tulsa, Vac-Tron, Ring -O- Matic .

On construction sites today, we find a high emphasis placed on work safety and the work practices surrounding it. A new or used HDD site is no different to any other construction site and in some aspects requires even more precautions.

The undertaking of risk documentation allows for the understanding and managing of risks on a work site and allows for correct and appropriate contingencies to be put in place. Examples include: safe work method statements, risk management plans, job safety analysis, environmental management plans, traffic control plans, and safe operating procedures.

Because a minimum of 90 per cent of a HDD project is undertaken out of visual sight and below the ground’s surface, the importance of proper pre-planning, understanding geotechnical information, completing appropriate risk assessments and incorporating effective contingency plans all assist in ensuring a successful and safe project.

The undertaking of any HDD project comes with its own site specific risks.

1. Rod/tool joints

Over the years many workers have used stilsons or similar tooling along with an excavator bucket to break or tighten a rod or tool joint. This is extremely dangerous and can cause catastrophic injuries if the bucket or stilsons slip and spring back. The removal of this tooling can also occur away from the view of the operator, adding an additional safety concern if an incident occurs. Specialised tooling, including hydraulic power packs and wrenches, is available to break and tighten these joints safely and efficiently.

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